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About Atomik PR

One sunny Manchester afternoon, three old music industry pals were putting the world to rights over afternoon tea, when ..........
Yeah, yeah - you've heard it all before, but! ATOMIK PR was born that very afternoon when Tony Michaelides, Paul Ripley, and Helen Robinson put their heads together.

ATOMIK PR has grown from a desire to help bring attention to undiscovered artists, as well as established musicians who are unforgivingly overlooked by the mainstream.

It became abundantly clear that within each of our careers we had experienced the same frustrations that constantly surrounded musicians -  especially emerging talent  - trying to become visible and listened to by international audiences.

Each of us had regularly been approached by artists, unsure of which way to turn.
The time when labels invested in artist development has long gone and it’s something we have experienced first hand.
So much is in the hands of the artist nowadays, and it's a daunting task to undertake if you’re going to gain any visibility. 

The music business is constantly changing.
It's at the forefront of immense changes again right now, and it’s vital that you remain aware and endeavour to move forward with the times.

We sat down, discussed and agreed that the time was right to combine our skillsets, embrace the challenges, develop a platform which will build awareness for artists looking for an avenue of discovery, and help that talent … emerge.

Here at ATOMIK PR we are always excited to get behind great new music.
With access to a pooled global network of contacts, we will give it our absolute best shot to get it heard.

We have our own way of doing things.
We will never promote anything we don’t feel we can deliver on.

Transparency is the name of the game
We are fully transparent in that we take on projects where we think there are benefits for all. The artist, the media contact, and ourselves. 
Experience has taught us that the crucial piece in the jigsaw is your ability to get to people. 

We pride ourselves on building relationships with both the artist and the media as we act as conduit between the two.  
We find out what people tell us and then we tell you, it’s that simple. 
If you're servicing them with good music then you’re making their job easier. 
In return they interact with us, making our job easier. 

Sometimes you might get feedback that you don't want to hear, but we will always be honest, and if you’re serious about your career, you must be prepared to be told exactly what people think of your music.
That’s vital in moving your career forward.
If you know where you’re up to at any moment in time then that will allow you to develop as an artist.

We like to keep things real.
We won’t compromise our integrity and will never promise you anything with regard to airplay. No-one can, and if they tell you otherwise then you have a lot to learn ...


Album and single plugging to trusted Radio and Press, on an international level.

UK regional tour press.

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